Mindful Educational Services

Understands that before any good learning can take place, the student, the teacher, and the climate of the environment must be in a present state of awareness in order to fully receive the content taught. With the daily stress levels of both teachers and students on the rise, M.E.S. provides the teacher with research based and efficient mindfulness tools to apply in the classroom. The Breath exercises, mindful awareness practices, and movements taught can re-set the teacher and the student, ultimately resulting in a more conducive learning environment. Furthermore, M.E.S. has a vision that aims at reaching the heart of both teacher and student. Encouraging the teacher to self-care and the student to self-seek who they are as a powerful, unique, and beautiful human being. 

1. The Breath

     It is a fact that breathing into the lower two lungs will automatically ignite the Parasympathetic Nervous System. This system causes the relaxation response throughout the entire body. Learn several fun and easy to apply breath techniques during this training in order to bring any classroom from chaos to calm. 

2.  Movement

    Science states that movement in the body releases Dopamine in the brain. Dopamine, can also be referred to as “fuel for the brain.” Combined with breath, the brain naturally ignites deeper awareness and connection with the content it’s taking in.

3. Mindful Awareness

    According to research done by the Journal of Child and Family Studies, there was a 24% increase in positive social behaviors, a 24% decrease in aggression, and overall improved self-control, respect for others, and focus in the classroom when meditation techniques were applied.