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Help Your Students Thrive

Transforming school climates through social-emotional learning (SEL) lessons and consulting programs to improve engagement, build growth mindsets, and inspire positive classroom culture.




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Today's Students Face Many Challenges

An increasing number of today’s students face challenges that affect their ability to focus attention, regulate difficult emotions, build inner resilience, and form healthy and supportive relationships.

  • Anxiety

  • Trauma

  • Distraction

  • Isolation

Elementary School Student

Equip your teachers, empower your students, and change your school.

Social-Emotional Learning improves engagement, decreases bullying, and boosts student achievement.

SEL For Schools

Consistent SEL implementation practices within the walls of schools results in positive change among the entire school culture. Schools will be given the tools, workshops, and resources to achieve an environment that supports both students and staff collectively. Resulting in emotionally supported conditions where all are given the practices to thrive.

SEL For Teachers

Teachers are tired, overwhelmed, and frustrated which leads to less productive instruction and feelings of inadequacy. Well-being workshops related to Nurturing the Heart of the Teacher, supporting her emotional needs, and practices to reduce stress and anxiety aim to rebuild the teacher’s passion for her work and personal life.

SEL For Parents

District SEL parent nights, collaboration with the PTA,  small group coaching, and one on one consultations support the parent to better understand the social and emotional needs of his/her child. Parents are seeking resources to better understand the mental health conditions their child is exhibiting and M.E.S. offers student-specific guidance and parental aid.


Invest in mindfulness as a professional development training for your faculty, staff, and school community. Build a sustainable schoolwide program.


K-12 Assemblies

Providing Social and Emotional age appropriate assemblies incorporating breath, movement and mindfulness resulting in greater self-awareness and a stronger school community.



Presenting a variety of professional development workshops supporting mental health initiatives based on the district’s projected goals. Resulting in enhanced educator awareness on social and emotional learning outcomes.



Advising teachers, guidance counselors, and parents with the tools needed to support social and emotional practices resulting in specific goals discussed.

The Affirmative Classroom 

Advising teachers, guidance counselors, and parents with the tools needed to support social and emotional practices resulting in specific goals discussed.

About Me

I’ve been an Educational Consultant, author, and professional speaker since 2017. I equip school districts with the tools needed to shift the social and emotional learning environment for administration, staff, students, and parents. Resulting in focused students, supported staff, and a school culture committed to the well-being of all.


What Schools Are Saying

Sarah Stevenson of Mindful Educational Services social-emotional lessons has provided the Manchester Township students and staff with tools and skills to strengthen their social-emotional well-being.  Her lessons are based on the Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) five core competencies of SEL: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making and the New Jersey Student Learning Standards. Students were able to develop healthy emotion management strategies that have resulted in a healthy learning environment and overall positive school culture and climate.

Diane Pedroza, Director of Curriculum for Manchester Township School District, Manchester, NJ

Working with Sarah has empowered our students to improve their attention, regulate stress and anxiety, manage emotions, and demonstrate empathy for others.  Sarah teaches children these skills through fun and engaging yoga poses, breathing exercises, games, music, and movement activities, and our students look forward to every moment of their time with her!

Mrs. Sheila Buck
Principal of Ocean Road Elementary School,
Point Pleasant, NJ

I was hesitant to add more to our already busy schedule. Instead of adding to our plates,  her interactive lessons have helped us develop self-awareness, increase self-regulation and be more intentional and present.   Many of the exercises that she shares are easily integrated into our daily routines.  These practices help both students and staff to be more aware,  focused and productive.

Mimi DeSomma
Special Education Teacher, Ocean Road School
Point Pleasant, NJ

The professional development workshops proved to be a game-changer for our students and teachers through the difficult 21-22 school year.

Elizabeth Tonkovich 
Saint Dominic School
Brick, NJ

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