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Mindfulness and Yoga for the classroom


My Story

Sarah Stevenson is an E-RYT, RPYT, RCYT and K-6 Certified Educator in NJ. She has been practicing yoga for the past 14 years. She is a wife and mother to five beautiful children and resides in Point Pleasant,NJ. Sarah is founder of Mindful Educational Services, a business whose aim is to bring yoga and mindfulness strategies into schools through research-based presentations and workshops for administration, staff, and students. She offers workshops at various locations, and has authored 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification curricula for both adults and children. Her curriculum maintains its roots in the power of the chakra energy system. In addition, she is currently writing a curriculum for the K-5 classroom and completing her 200 Hour Yoga Therapy Degree through Breathing Deeply Yoga Therapy. Sarah has a heart for children, yoga, teaching, and continual learning. She firmly believes that loving others despite our differences is all that really matters. And as a result, goodness abounds and relationships thrive.


When the child is present, when the teacher is present, when the parent is present, gifts abound for all involved.

Certified Pk-6 Teacher in NJ and DE

BA Elem. Ed. and Psychology, Houghton College, NY

ERYT 200,RPYT 85,RCYT 95

Director and creator of M.E.S. 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training School & 95 Hour Childrens' Yoga Teacher Training School. Both schools are fully accredited through Yoga Alliance. Authored “The Affirmative Classroom.” A 40 week curriculum for K-5 schools. Creator of The Mindful Mentor Program.

Email: mindfuleducationalservices@gmail.com






Option 1

75 min. Mindfulness Training for the Pk-5 Educator 

This interactive and researched based presentation aims at bringing mindfulness into the life of the teacher, learner, and overall classroom setting. Learn breath technique, movements, and mindful awareness strategies to turn any classroom from chaos to calm. Educators will leave with the resources and tools needed to apply to their classroom setting. 

Option 2

3 hour Mindfulness Training Tool Kit for the Pk-5 Educator

Throughout this training, the educator will be immersed in various ways to apply breath, Movment and mindful awareness strategies to their days in the classroom. This training emphasizes self-care for the teacher, presents the science supporting the need for mindfulness in the classroom, and gives the teachers the tools needed to apply immediately.  The teacher will leave with a feeling of empowerment and understanding on how to better serve the needs of her inner self and just as importantly, the needs of her students and classroom environment.  

Specialized Workshops Are Available

  • Writing Mindfully

  • The Affirmative Classroom Training

  • The Power of Color in the Classroom

  • Mindfulness Through Literature

  • Mindful Regulation Techniques for the Sensory-Challenged Student

  • The Power of Using Guided Imagery in the Classroom

  • Mindful Movement Sequences to Calm, Energize, and Re-set the Teacher and Student

  • Mindful Empowerment Games

  • Refueling the Tired Teacher

  • The Empowered Learner

  • Mindfulness Assembly for Grades K-2

  • Mindfulness Assembly for Grades 3-5

  • Mindfulness Assembly for Grades 6-8


Childrens' Yoga & Mindfulness Training

Upcoming Training Fall, 2019

Stay Tuned!!! 

Where the child is the teacher. A "Mindful Mentor" for their classroom. The Classmates are the students.

Where the child is the teacher. A "Mindful Mentor" for their classroom. The Classmates are the students.


In this 60 hour, four month training, the child will gain all tools necessary to bring mindfulness exercises and Yoga sequences into the classroom environment. Developing awareness of breath exercises, creating and teaching 10-20 minute theme-based yoga sequences, guided mediation, and learning the basics of the energy system are the major topics presented. The child is awarded a “Mindful Mentor” certificate along with a professional letter mailed to the administration at completion of program.  This letter will inform school principals that the child is equipped to share with fellow classmates what they have learned from this program. The child will be prepared to lead class sequences in other environments as well, but more importantly will gain great insight towards his/her own uniqueness and power as an individual. The study of self, learning to regulate emotions, and exploring creative ways of expression through writing and art further solidify this training as something that will serve as a gift to the development of your child.

Details About Training

Ages: 5-11

Times: 2 Saturdays a month


2 Friday nights each month


8 Hours Outside Classwork

*Weekend times are planned ahead to accommodate family schedules.

Location: TBD, Point Pleasant, NJ

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“I am so pleased, as a teacher,  with what Sarah Stevenson taught us about Mindfulness during our in-service session and how easy it was to incorporate her strategies in the classroom. The new  challenges of third grade sometimes bring stress and anxiety to the 8-9 year olds in my care. I am happy to say that the breathing techniques Sarah showed us are quick and effective. It’s a great way to transition and brings peace to the classroom. Mindfulness is a way for myself and my students to keep our stress levels in check and focus on what’s important. This training is very beneficial for educators of all levels!”

Third grade teacher, Point Pleasant, NJ


“Thank you for volunteering your services on Friday, September 1, 2017 to present your “Breath, Movement and Mindfulness Strategies for the Teacher and Student” workshop. It was an outstanding way to start the school year and the positive and “mindful” message will benefit both students and staff alike! Your professionalism and advanced planning was greatly appreciated and your enthusiasm for the subject matter resonated with all in attendance.  We look forward to your return visit on Friday, October 6, 2017 to expand upon strategies that will help our school community develop additional techniques to “re-set, refocus and restore.”  Peace, Love and Happiness!”

Pk-5 School Principal, Mr. James Karaba Fifth Grade Teacher, Point Pleasant, NJ


At a recent teacher in-service, Sarah modeled mindfulness strategies for us to use with our students in our elementary classrooms. Not only did she provide simple ways to help our students de-stress, cope, and relax, we all had fun!  Everyone can benefit from utilizing breathing techniques and stretches to encourage our minds and bodies to focus on what is important. It was refreshing to learn different strategies that can be easily incorporated into our busy school day.

Fifth Grade Teacher, Point Pleasant, NJ


"Sarah Stevenson brings experience, wisdom, and compassion together to create a workshop with simple mindfulness and movment activities to benefit both students and their teachers. Her presentation is fluid and engaging, delivered with Sarah's typical warmth. Everyone leaves with a smile and the enthusiasm to apply her ideas right away!"

Fourth Grade Teacher